Above: charcoal drawings completed from 15-25 minutes life sittings


Xmas Portraits  each A4 portrait in sanguine (red) or charcoal sent to your home $199 

Draw! Paint! Sculpt!

Above: Painted Portraits are completed from a 3 hour sitting

Terry Bouton is an artist with a myriad of experience in a multitude of media. With a career spanning over 40 years Terry specialises in portraiture and teaching. Having worked in Argentina, Canada, Germany and Turkey, Terry has now returned to work in her studio in rural Australia.

Curriculum Vitae

Commission an artwork

A drawing from life


Commision a portrait of your loved ones. Terry Bouton can use photographs but prefers the contact with her sitter/s. Drawing from life is a special privilege. Meeting and talking to an artist in a relaxed atmosphere, the character of the sitter and the historic relationship between the artist and the sitter can be experienced.

An Alla Prima Oil Portrait


Commission a painting of your loved one/s. Using the alla prima direct method of painting Terry can paint your portrait in a traditional sitting from 3 hours. Terry can also work from photographs but a painting from life is a memory and a historic engagement not realised by many.

A portrait bust


Commission a portrait bust as a memory of that special person. Imagines or family portrait busts held an important role in Roman society and played a part in every home. Your portrait bust can remember a lost love, an important celebration (Law degree) or celebration (marriage). Terry can work from photographs, zoom meetings or life.

Attend or create a workshop



Learn to draw from life. Using charcoal or pencils in group sessions, ZOOM classes or individual tuition. Terry Bouton can facilitate your ability to see and develop your skills. Check out the upcoming workshops or build your own.



Learn to paint from life. Using the alla prima direct method of painting. Practise painting a realistic portrait in 3 hours using a model. Terry can develop your skills in mixing colour, applying colour and seeing colour to create memories. See upcoming workshops or devise your own.



Learn how to create a portrait bust from beginning to end. Terry can introduce you to methods to capture that likeness and create a work that can last forever. See upcoming workshops or ZOOM tuition can be arranged.






Individual workshops or tutoring may be arranged at the studio of Terry Bouton.

Call for further information

4 Middle Creek Road

Coutts Crossing

NSW 2460

0432 103 095


Upcoming Events

Workshops need to be booked and paid for in advance. Please call the venue or contact the artist. Further details will be sent to participants via email.



Venue:to be announced

Drawing the Portrait 

We will look at the approaches to drawing a portrait using photographs and our own faces. 




Venue: to be announced 

Drawing from life-the portrait

We will cover lighting, setting up and tricks to drawing a realistic portrait from life. Using a  model we will create a finished drawing.



Painting an oil portrait-an introduction 

We will talk about lighting the sitter, preparation for the support, mixing colour and application