The artistic process

"My artistic practice focuses on obsessive research, documentation, memory, and experience, prior to creation. My academic background, combined with wide travel experience, has made me voyager, continually seeking to learn and viewing the world as an outsider. This has made me keenly critical of my environment, less fulfilled with the consumerism of a contemporary lifestyle, and keen to comment about universal concerns. I express this discomfort through works that are often comic on the surface, but reveal a underlying caustic edge.

Travelling, and my interest in archaeology, has made me a gleaner. I am sensitive to surface, shape and form, and delight in the inventive ideas and creative solutions that humankind has applied to object making. Through my selection process, I synthesise the detritus of urban societies gleaned from second hand and antique shops, into the construction of my ceramic forms. Likewise, these interests have encouraged me to become a collector of disparate sounds, verses, languages and friendships that are integrated into my works.

In 2007 I began creating my machines in ceramics. These machines play with the relationship between the aesthetically beautiful and useful machine, and the fun but ridiculously useless art machine. The introduction of sound and lighting, and the addition of the element of moving parts, now unite the individual pieces into theatrical installations where the spectator is invited to engage with the works in a didactic, sensory journey. By incorporating moving parts, found objects, shadows and sound recordings, I aim to intrigue, surprise, educate and engage the public of all ages and interests.

Terry is an avid drawer.
"I could draw 24 hours a day if a new face sat before me. I love to see the face as a window to learning about a individual. It is all problem solving and gradually like a mist the face of the sitter is revealed."
" In 2008 I went to study portraiture in the United States and suddenly a new world became open to me. In Chicago I studied the Alla Prima method of painting with Clayton J Beck III. My initial study trip was for 2 months. Here,  I began to understand the advantage to practice studies from life for distinct time sequences: 25 minute drawing and 3 hour oil painting. This discipline is wonderfully exciting as well as stressful and rewarding. The mind and the hand learn to work in unison with a well conceived structure of time at their disposal.
I returned twice again for shorter periods and now understand the value of community art centres with life models as the basis to training the eye, the mind and the soul to an art career".

Now having returned to Australia Terry is keen to teach others in the secrets and challenges of art. Terry is also writing a teaching book uniting studies of drawing, painting and sculpture. She is also working on a series of photography journey books from her travels.

Terry took a break from exhibiting in Australia in 2010 when her artistic practise took her to Quebec, Canada, initially in a 3 month artist in residence programme at
Maison des Metiers in Quebec City.  After falling in love with the city, Terry purchased a 350 year old home and studio where she spent much of the the last 9 years. Terry developed a close relationship with its inhabitants, drawing at the École de Cirque de Québec, L'École de danse de Québec, Les Violons du Roy and making photographic studies of the antique shop owners, libraries and artists of the city.

Since leaving Quebec  Terry has spent 6 months in Istanbul teaching and a further 12 months in Stuttgart, Germany where she taught students via Zoom and Google Classroom.

Back in Australia now she is continuing this relationship with ZOOM groups but looking forward to exhibiting once again.